Islamophobic Woman Named Aisha Warned Police About Mohammed Merah In 2010

"The woman, identified only as Aisha, told French daily Le Telegram that Merah had tried in 2010 to recruit her son for the “worldwide Jihad” he was organizing for. She remembered Merah, and said that when she heard what he had done, “I felt as if someone cut off my legs. That they did not stop him was a terrible gaffe on the part of the authorities. I filed complaints against him numerous times, over and over” - but to no avail, she said."

Mohammed Merah just a regular guy like all moderate Muslims according to those who knew him...

' He is very polite and always well-behaved," Kamal said. "He never spoke about Islam but he did pray. But we all pray five times a day. There's nothing strange about that."

French Journalists "Disgusted It's Not a Nazi"

h/t Vardit

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