Bumped: Arrested for walking my dog at Al-Quds Day Rally... The Video

Upperdate: Militant Khomeinist Muslim At Center Of Al-Quds Day Dog Walking Incident Brought Hezbollah Flag To Rally

Update: The subject of this report has received his 1st threatening phone call; "We are going to kill you, you dirty jew"

Toronto Police Services Arrest Man For Walking His Dog On Al-Quds Day

It's touching how O' Canada is being sung in the background as this event unfolds.

"I was arrested at the rally for, "offending Islam" by walking in a PUBLIC park with my dog. Apparently, Muslims do not like dogs. I was warned by a few demonstrators not to go near them. Of course I ignored them and reminded them this is Canada, not Pakistan. Well I was assaulted and returned the favor in kind.

At that point I was jumped by four COPS, dragged off and hand cuffed. Oh my the police were so angry! They said I was, "insensitive" and "inciting a riot". 30 minutes later they cut me a big deal. No charges if I left. So I left. Imagine this happening in Canada? Walking a licensed dog on a leash at the park in front of our Provincial Legislature and being arrested for that simple act!"

NB: This is a therapy dog. Works at hospitals.

Anonymous –   – (6:27 PM)  

On the plus side, I think the perfect form of counter-protest has been found :-)

Anonymous –   – (7:41 PM)  

They probably wanted to eat the dog, a la Obama!

Anonymous –   – (3:18 AM)  

You may find this peculiar, or look at it as a "funny" incident.
Could this have happened ten years ago?
What can happen ten years from now?

Sorry for any spelling flaws/poor english.

Have a great day & good luck in the multicultural future.


mike5840  – (10:30 AM)  

This is "sharia-lite" , full on sharia would have this man beaten or stoned whil the police sat and watched. It does not matter that his intention was to provoke a reaction, it's a form of counter protest. The dog was leashed and licensed and not aggressive, unlike the demonstrators which were quite aggressive.

Anonymous –   – (11:35 AM)  

One idiot kicked the dog - why didnt the dhimmi- police arrest him??!!

Anonymous –   – (5:58 PM)  

Just as well Canada is a Member of the Commonwealth or you may have been stoned to death. Now for Christmas and Easter. What do the Muslims expect there? No Carroll's, Lights or decorations? No Merry Christmas being offered?
Religion has a lot to answer for.

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